Cellfield Reading Intervention

Patented Technology

Connecting the pathways required for reading - Auditory, Visual and Auditory to Visual Bridge

Cellfield Reading Intervention

A Revolutionary Intervention

Improves reading by an average of two grade levels in just twelve weeks.
A fun and engaging computer based intervention that produces real results

Creating Connections


Cellfield Reading Intervention Uses the Principles
of Brain Plasticity to Correct Reading Deficits at the Source

Parents are Talking:
Lives are Changing


“(…) I can’t explain what happened but now there is a calm in our house and Steve does his homework at the same time as his siblings with no fighting. His reading skills have improved tremendously and he now is opening up and asking all sorts of school related questions (which is something he never did before).

When I first heard about Cellfield it sounded too good to be true, and I was very skeptical. I am so glad that I took the chance on the program as I don’t know how we would have continued on the path we were on. (…)”

The Cellfield Science

Brain Imaging has shown that typical readers use the left side of their brain in an interconnected and highly efficient way, whereas poor readers use both sides of their brains in a disconnected and inefficient way.

Using a combination of moving graphics, sound parcels and coloured and patched lenses, Cellfield synchronizes information directly where it is needed, training the brain to use more efficient pathways while freeing up working memory so that slow readers can learn to read effectively.

Cellfield is Unique

Our Patented Technology
Sets Us Apart


Specially designed sound parcels target auditory processing


Unique motion graphics and coloured and patched lenses target visual processing

Auditory to Visual Bridge

Cellfield is the only technology that bonds auditory to visual pathways, which allows the struggling reader’s brain to function more like a typical reader.

As featured in Dr. Norman Doidge’s paperback book,

“The Brain’s Way Of Healing”

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