Michelle Vaudrin, Founding President of Vaudrin Academy and Founder of NeuroEducation Canada, has this to say about her experience with Cellfield:

Since we started the Cellfield Program five months ago, 30 students have completed or are in the process of completing the program. The results have been outstanding. The parents, students, and teachers are all thrilled. In addition, the French Cellfield program has just come out, so we will now be able to offer it to our French students.

Staff members have seen the difference first-hand and are asking to do it themselves or have their own children do it. Whereas they used to get mildly upset when their students would leave the class for their sessions, now they are the first to point out that other students might benefit from Cellfield too.

We have seen improvements for all the kids we work with who are aged 6 to 16. While most improve by an average of 24 months in all areas, we have seen incredibly impressive results. As difficult as it is to believe, one of our grade 2 student’s reading comprehension is now at a grade 7 level. One of our younger students asked us if the Cellfield Program made people happy because he said, “I’ve been feeling very happy since I started doing this!”

I learned a lot from the Cellfield training with Ingrid. By understanding how reading really works at all levels, I can now easily detect students as young as 5 who will have reading difficulties. My goal is to catch them and help them before they start thinking they are dumb because they can’t read or can’t identify their letters as well as the other kids in the class.

What an amazing service to be able to offer to all the struggling readers out there. Cellfield isn’t just a program that helps people to read better and faster, it provides unlimited opportunities for people who thought they had none, and that, is priceless!

Testimonial – Michelle Vaudrin,

Hi Ingrid,

My son thought his two math exams were easy and he believed he had close 100% in one of them. To be confirmed as I do not have the results…

French was 84% for comprehension of “Les Misérables” of Victor Hugo… He also at a B for the Provincial Ministry Exam. Pretty good for dyslexia. As far as the neuropsych testing went after Cellfield (In April) the diagnosis was dyslexia with ADD component and recommendations according to findings in the school setting (which is close to nil for him since the policy for his school only applies in close to failing situations).

Confidence-wise I would say: a major improvement close to quantum leap. This has also impact his mood. He is more assertive with us which is a good thing. Hope all is well with you and your Cellfield Canada project. Conclusion Cellfield help a lot for school and to reduce the amounts of headache related to his left eye. I have not retested him but I know he has more tolerance to visual efforts. Thank your for your wonderful work.

I send people your way – don’t know if they go…

Wishing you a Great Summer!



Testimonial – Lucie,

My Grandson, Daniel’s first experience at Cellfield as an 11 year old, was notable for the increase in confidence that he received from participating in a course, which encouraged him to try.

Cellfield diagnosed Daniel’s problems and identified the cause. The staff of Cellfield gave him the support, encouragement and kindness that he needed. They also gave a realistic report on his actual ability for parents and teachers so that help could be on going. Back in New Zealand some individual teachers were receptive to the Report and its findings but assistance for Daniel still had to be paid for privately and investigation and conformation of it’s findings had to be carried out locally before it was accepted. Hand eye co ordination improved to such an extent that Daniel was now able to accurately use a gun on a target. His ball skills improved via practices used by his extra curricular teacher following findings identified by Cellfield. It was felt that Daniel was improving and would benefit from a second visit to Cellfield to assist him continue to progress so twelve months later in May 2006 Daniel went to Cellfield for a second course.

Daniel’s second trip to Cellfield was mainly to build on the learning foundation already in place and assist his family to gauge correctly his progress. Daniel grew visibly during this second session. He became more confident in his ability to try new things, more mature in everyday life experiences and for the first time volunteered to read to an adult without being forced to do so. He actually enjoyed what he was doing although still below his age group Daniel continues to advance his learning and improve his skills. Since coming home he has read books to his parents and me given to him by his teacher that were recommended for eight year olds. While this may not be great, it is a big improvement from a reading ability of six, which was where he was twelve months ago. He is reading fluently and with encouragement will progress to more difficult books in time.

I do hope all is well with you both and that Cellfield goes from strength to strength as I do realise its value to so many children. I am so glad it is now available in New Zealand as there are so many children falling through the cracks in our education system. I am sure that many of them are like Daniel and only need the right people to set them on the right path. Sharon, your clinician, was so good with Daniel. His confidence grew with each session and he was happy. This was so important as an unhappy child is not receptive to learning. I cannot thank you enough for what you all have done.

From “Nana” Rosemary,

Dear Ingrid,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for our family.

Since Steve completed the Cellfield program our whole families dynamics have changed including Steve’s outlook on learning. Going to school and any school related work was always a battle and we fought every morning and every evening and it was exhausting.

Within 3 days of the Phase I Cellfield sessions we started seeing a difference. For the first time in 5 years he did not argue about going to school. I WAS SHOCKED. From that day on it was just up hill.

I can’t explain what happened, but now there is a calm in our house and Steve does his homework at the same time as his siblings with no fighting. His reading skills have improved tremendously and he now is opening up and asking all sorts of school related questions (which is something he never did before).

When I first heard about Cellfield it sounded to good to be true and I was very skeptical. I am so glad that I took the chance on the program as I don’t know how we would have continued on the path we where on.

Once again thank you! I will be forever grateful.

Sincerely, Maria

Testimonial – Maria,

Martin and I would just like to let you know how Sam’s doing since going through the Cellfield program 6 months ago.

As you know his spelling age and reading age were way below his average. His interest in reading was almost zero.

Since having completed the Cellfield program we have seen significant improvement in both his reading and spelling. His reading age has improved by a whole year and his spelling by 20 months. These figures are based on your testing him before entering the program and 4 months after. He is now at his own age group level for both, his reading being slightly higher. His level of confidence has increased hugely and he is finding it a lot easier to pick up a book and read to himself.

These changes didn’t occur overnight but they have certainly happened. We feel that the on-going support he’s received twice a week from Kip McGrath had been a huge help in Sam achieving these results.

We would like to say a huge thanks to you both and your great team for getting Sam to this current level. He will be back next year for more!!!.

From Sam’s Parents,

I just wanted to drop you a line to show my appreciation for the difference the Cellfield program has made for Mike.

To achieve an improved reading age of nearly two years is sensational and is showing itself in many ways.

Mike’s self esteem and belief have lifted, he no longer (always) considers himself stupid and he is feeling more socially competent and happy.

With some relief, I have not considered re-filling his Ritolin prescription this year and at this point feel we couldn’t have asked for a much better result.

I wish you all the best for many more referrals and great results!

From Ralph Hill,

Since Ben has been participating in the program I have noticed a significant change in his reading abilities and having a go at words he does not know with more confidence.

Ben has shown a greater willingness to read and reads longer before he makes a mistake and is more fluent. He is showing more expression when he reads and greater interest in what he reads. Ben will now pick up any reading material without being asked and have a go. Ben appears to enjoy reading more and has become more confident in his speech.

Ben’s self esteem has greatly improved and he has a newfound confidence when he asks questions.

The change in Ben’s approach to reading has not only been noticed by myself but by family and friends.

From Ben’s Mother,

Cellfield has been a wonderful experience for us as we have witnessed our daughter become enthusiastic about reading.

For the majority of her school life our daughter has not wanted to read and up until this year she has never finished reading a chapter book.

During the Cellfield program she has enthusiastically been reading every night and has asked to have people listen to her read because she is proud of the progress she has made.

She feels more confident because she can now read instructions and the best thing for us is that she has now found an author that she likes and has asked for these books to be included in her Christmas presents. Something that would have never occurred in the past. She is committed to keeping up her reading in the school holidays because she wants to begin next year as she finished this year – on a high!

Thank you to the people of Cellfield who supported and encouraged her and a big thank you to the special ‘Ed’ teachers at SAC who take a special interest in the children who need extra support

From Adele’s Parents,

Cellfield has helped me because I have become more fluent with my reading and I am able to pronounce words better. I am now looking for harder books to read and I feel better in myself because I can now finish a book and remember what I have been reading.

From Adele,

Just letting you know that Damon has been making wonderful progress at school, according to both his classroom teacher and the reading teacher.

We feel we owe a great debt to you all, as Damon has really kicked on since doing the program. He has continued his one on one reading and writing lessons at school, three or four times per week. His spelling has improved dramatically as well, and he has recently made a poster about recycling, which has been put up at school. For the first time in his life, someone apart from his mother can read it!

I am eternally grateful to Dimitri and all his staff at Cellfield. Damon is doing very well, and having weekly lessons using the techniques and readers recommended by Sue at Cellfield.

It will be a great thing for Victoria if the program is run here. Our experience is that the program really triggered something in Damon, and his peer relationships and all aspects of learning have improved remarkably since doing the program.

Best Wishes to you all.

From Marguerite Ellis,

We are so pleased and we owe a huge amount of this dramatic improvement to Cellfield and Jarrett’s Intensive reading class at school.

His school is very impressed at Jarrett’s improvement and his self confidence now is just amazing. Jarrett has worked very hard to achieve this result, he has been so committed to wanting to improve his reading and that makes a huge difference.

Thank you again we are so grateful for all your help.

Jarrett has gone ahead in leaps and bounds. The best thing I have ever done is take him to Cellfield. It has changed his life so much I am so lucky I had the opportunity.

I also forgot to tell you Jarrett won an award for Excellence in Science and HSIE, at the end of last year. He was so proud and as a parent it actually brought a tear to my eye. Jarrett works so hard and he could not have done it without Cellfield. I can’t speak highly enough of your program and your Team!

From Marianne Baker,

Its Brad, I just got good news, my reading has improved I’m reading as a 12-13 year old.

I had a running record test at school today and that was the result! My teacher told the whole class that my reading had improved from 7-8 year old to a 12-13 year old and the class went WOW!!!!!!!

And I smiled and I’m still smiling

I’m working hard at spelling my words using the left to right rule and reading each night.

I hope that everything is going well up in Christchurch.

Hope you are smiling cuz I am!!

From Brad,

Luke is an unusual little 12 year old. Adopted from Thailand at the age of 7 , he seemed to have missed all the usual milestones. Perhaps it was some genetic predisposition. Perhaps it was his IQ (55%). Who knows? We wasted only a little time trying to discover what caused Luke to have no literacy or numeracy building blocks.

We experienced a similar history with our daughter, Anna. She catapulted from still living in a fairy-like state at 14 years old, and having to attend a Special Needs school, and then morphing back to mainstream schooling as a consequence of Cellfield. Anna’s focus, observation and knowledge, which normally little children build organically, now came to Anna as a direct result of attending Cellfield three years ago. We recalled how Anna, three years ago, glanced only at the pictures in the aeroplane literature on the way to Southport, Queensland, but read the text on the flight back! The memory of that buoyed me up no end. So we booked Luke to do Cellfield recently and enrolled Anna to do Cellfield again at a higher level.

As parents we look for reasons and excuses. But as parents who have tried an enormous gamut of remedies and therapies to help our children, we are so, so grateful that we ventured once more and invested our time and money and hope in Cellfield.

Luke and Anna have really benefited from the Cellfield program they did in July .

Anna so much that she is the FIRST student to move from a special school to a “normal” school, next year, to do her VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Advanced Learning).

Thank you with all our hearts, Dimitri!

Two Success Stories in One – Anna and Luke,

Just logging on to update your contact details for yet another referral. Thanks to Cellfield in 2003 my son James not only improved his reading skills by 2 years in 2 weeks but went on to blitz his School Certificate. He has just completed his first year of carpentry and is on his way to becoming a builder, smiling as he goes, confident and strong thanks to Cellfield. You were the blessing for James and his parents.

From Danielle,

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